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You get one power EXCEPT it cannot be:

1,Super strength

2. Enhanced durability or invulnerability

I choose


. You get all you want and protection. Flight and protection, what more do you need? Really I would even accept limited TK, I wouldn't need all the fancy stuff, just so long as I can pull stuff to me, fly, and stop incoming projectiles I'm happy.

Actually other powers would be fine if you could use them in various ways instead of just one. Why have multiple powers if you have one that you can multi-task with right?


Optic Blast becomes Speed Force Optic Blast: By shooting an object you can steal it's forward momentum and make it stop. It can still move, you just stopped it momentarily, albeit this would destroy some things outright at a given speed. Meanwhile you would be able to fly at the speed or slower of whatever speed you stole. You could also transfer your speed to objects gradually by shooting them. Thus you could propel a parked car across the street while you slow down at the same time.

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omnipotence or reality manipulation or matter manipulation or energy manipulation

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Accelerated healing/regeneration

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Immunity from judgement and social norms

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@immortal777 said:

omnipotence or reality manipulation or matter manipulation or energy manipulation

Other than ridiculous powers like this, I've come up with a definitive list of the top two powers everyone should be mentioning:

Second Place:

A majority of powers that are commented about can be whittled down to 1 superpower. Notice how they usually reflect improving yourself and how it affects how others view you. If you had the power to convince people you had any power you wanted, then don't you have those powers? If everyone believes they saw you pick up a car, whether you actually did or not, don't you then have super strength?

If you jump a bully and beat the snot out of him, even if he's just imagining it, forever in his head and everyone there, it happened. Telepathic and Psionics is the most powerful ability, it's power over the mind.

First Place:

Notice how I said telepathy was the most powerful ability, yet it's second place. Healing factor may be more subtle, but it still wins overall. It's really great when you guys are shooting for the moon, but none of it will matter in 70 years when you're all dead. I'll still look like I'm in my 30's. Man has exhausted resources for millenia to live just a little bit longer. Now you have the opportunity to choose to live a LOT longer, and you're picking... telekinesis? invisibility? flight? Really?

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The power to have as many powers as I want.

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Control gravity

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The power to have all powers I want!

(language not appropriate for all ages in video below)

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Power steal. But where I would be able to keep the powers indefinitly.

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Not everyone wants to live forever and watch their family and children die.

I'd want to teleport.

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This. I don't swim and there's no such thing as seastone in this universe.

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Reallity Warp inside my body(like Darwins adaptation but stronger and mostly under control)

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Speed, Like Flashs'. so much you could do with it.

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Midas Touch.

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Not everyonewants to live forever and watch their family and children die.

Small price to pay for immortality really

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The power of the Iron Fist. I enjoy punching people, might as well make it spectacular. I would also enjoy yelling "Like a fist unto iron!" every time I do it. Who wouldn't?

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Reality warping.

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Reality warping, that should cover immortality too. Gimme those franklin richards powers

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Invisibility. Useful for pranks, getting out of trouble, and doing kinky things :P

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X-Ray Vision ;)

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I want the ability to shoop da whoop.