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I got this post from one of my other threads. Read it and tell me what you guys think.

"And as I said somewhere else Goku Never beat anyone 1 v 1. It has never ever happened. He lost to His brother. He lost to Vegeta. He lost to Freeza. He lost to Cell. He lost to Kid Buu. Though he came out of those fights "the winner" he always has help from other people. Freeza was the only "Casual " Planet buster. Kid Buu was the only Casual System buster (though he did it planet by planet."

And at the end of the day, he lost to them both. If it where for the fact that Freeza was on that B.S. and didn't just kill Goku when the Spirit bomb didn't work, instead of targeting his friends, we'd never have SSj1.

If it weren't for them constantly using the dragon balls, Kid Buu would have killed everyone.

So while I completely agree with everything you've said, what I have never understood about his debate is Goku is not as good as everyone make him out to be. He's extremely over rated because he never ever wins. Minus lame fights like Goku vs nappa. Goku Vs Berta. Goku vs Riccum. When the real fights take places, he gets trashed every single time."