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Really im a big comic book collector with over 700 comic books but i get really annoyed cos there is so many batman comics to collect after years of collecting comics i just couldnt get enough money to keep on collecting and missed the newest issue of batman i nearly cried.

So ill ask the question again do we really need so many batman titles?

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@sinestro3245: DC doesn't have a Batman fetish. People want more Batman books, and they'll buy them. DC isn't going to be dumb and deprive their audience what they're asking for.

If you're crying over not getting your comics though, I would suggest taking a break for awhile.

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No. Quality above quantity. To many Batman stories water down the universe. It seems like DC want to milk the franchise instead of release books that would be best for the character. It also make it a mess to be editor and keep everything in order and control. Less is sometimes more and to make the whole universe more simple with fewer books wouldn't hurt.

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it's also a lot of the fans fault.....

damn bat creeps

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I'd rather have another flash book, and wonder woman title, than have all these Bat titles.

But to be honest... I do try to buy all of them when I can.

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You shouldn't feel the need to pick up every single comic featuring a particular character... like Batman, Wolverine, Superman or Spider-Man... just because they exist. Especially when there are so many terrible ones being produced. The advantage of having multiple titles featuring money machine characters like Batman is that you can pick and choose the most appealing titles. I was only buying Batman: The Dark Knight, and then, only for the David Finch art. After the "new" 52 launched, I could care less what was going on in Batman comics anymore. After months of consistent positive critical attention, I finally caved and started buying Batman. Luckily, the comics shops in my area had been over-ordering DC's line, so I was able to find the entire run-the first 9 issues at the time- still on the shelves. To date, I still have zero interest in picking up Detective Comics, Batman and Robin, or any of the specials, mini-series, or one-offs that get released throughout the year.

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Of course.

I don't want to read Avengers Vs X-men..

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I think when a comic has the word 'Batman' in its' title, it'll automatically have an audience that'll buy it religiously, so from a business point of view, it makes sense. It does seem like a lot having five Batman comics a month though.

When I started buying comics, I decided to avoid collecting Batman, as he's had so many appearances that it'll be impossible for me to ever own them all, and they can be awfully pricey. I couldn't work out what the best New 52 Batman title was, so didn't bother with any of them. I get my Batman fix from TPBs and the British reprint title, which has Scott Snyders' Batman every month, a few months behind the proper release, and has printed arcs of Batwoman, Batman & Robin and Batman Inc. I'll buy Batman comics if I find them cheap though. I think of the 500 or so American comics I have, only four are Batman titles.

I'd perhaps suggest simply focusing on buying the ones you like the look of, rather than specifically trying to collect all of them. Maybe focus on collecting a less used character, if you like the idea of collecting as well as just reading them.

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I personally don't have a problem with them since Batman has some of the best stories. However, if they start spamming Batman comic books to the point that other comic series don't have as much of a chance to shine or even publish, then I will start to have a problem.

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Supply and demand.

But anything greater than 3 monthly books (counting team-up books) is too much in my opinion.

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There are too many bat-books, but the Batman universe is popular enough with audiences and creators to support it so I can hardly blame DC. 

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I think the other thing is Batman has changed so much over the ages that everyone has their own "Batman" that they know and like. Whether you want Batman in a team, a dynamic duo, as a dark knight, battling arkham or being a detective, DC has covered the bases. You can complain that theyre doing it to cover every demographic and make more money, or you can be thankful that they've thought to make sure your OWN demographic is covered. I probably don't buy 90% of the bat-titles out there, but I'm thankful for my 10%...and I'm sure the Dark Knight crowd, the Arkham crowd and the B&R crowds etc, that don't read "my" Batman's feel exactly the same

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There are too many. But DC knows everyone will buy them anyway.

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Batman comics are the fan favorite.

DC most selling comics is Batman comics.

So why would they put out less?

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I'm disappointed that there aren't more Batman comics. Do we really need 3 Superman books? Or 3 Justice League books? Or 5 Lantern books? Surely one of those can be scrapped in favor of another Batman book.

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Yes we should.They are interesting and feauture my favorite character,big plus.The thing you should be asking is if we really need three JLA books and like 4 or 5 Lantern books.