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I like the character, and would like to see him back in the Marvel universe, mentally stable of course.

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Yes I do too but keep him scitzophretic. Why is it only okay for a villain to have mental health issues? A lot of good people in this world are scitzophretic or are bi-polar and they should have a hero as well. I think if you know someone or have gone through this sort of thing yourself then you understand Sentry a little better than most fans do.

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Trust me I do, my old lady and it's areal roller coaster ride everyday. It's like a light swithch being flicked on and off!

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When you see it everyday it's something to else, like night and day.

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I'd prefer to have him stay away, never really liked him

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No I never liked him but if he does return it should be as a villain.

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Sure, why not. It's not like Marvel can get any more repetitive or unoriginal.

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Yeah it's rough for everyone. Everyone has their own level of it and all that also so it's often difficult for the person going through it to express what they are really feeling or hearing and so on.

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As long as he doesn't return like a marvel version of Anakin Skywalker(whiny little brat), I'd be cool with it.

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Maybe later.
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Me too, especially after what he did to Ares and Asgard, but I want him back!

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I'd like him too.

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Only if writes his return.

Otherwise stay dead.

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If he returns,it must be as a villain but Marvel will screw him up.

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@InnerVenom123 said:

Only if writes his return.

Otherwise stay dead.

Sounds good.

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@JediXMan said:

@InnerVenom123 said:

Only if @FadeToBlackBolt writes his return.

Otherwise stay dead.

Sounds good.

(Hugs you both) ^___^
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Yes, and as a hero with mental struggles. I like that part of the character. Just keep Brian "One Dimensional, lulz" Bendis away from him, and Paul "I don't care about other characters unless they are my favorites, Sentry is better than you all" Jenkins away from him. Get someone like Gregg Hurwitz to write him, one of the best examples of the character in the broader MU under his pen.   

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i would like him to but the writers always screw him up in the end/

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Maybe he should take the role of a builder or rescuing than fighting villains for a little while.

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Maybe he can come back in a one shot, maybe his mind is in the sun and he doesn't want to return but a threat to earth forces him to return but he decides he can't stay 'alive' because of what he's done and goes back to the sun. In My Humble opinion the sentry was a great character written by Jenkins AND BENDIS! they made his struggle (with mental illness) up front and a major part of his character all the way from breakout to the end of siege, but Paul Jenkins was by far the better sentry writer. without the issues sentry had there was no point in writing the character. well anyone agree?

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make him cosmic, it's really not that hard to do.