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Yes or No?

Explain Why

Also no haters pls.

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SUPERIOR, SUPERIOR, SPIDERMAN. I think it would work for like a few episode mini series's, but not a show. He'd be maiming to many people.

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No, maybe a few episodes within a season, but I get annoyed with Octavious through one issue. I would not want to have to deal with him as the titular character for a whole series

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@phantom1527: you can't just judge SpOck only on one issue.

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@life_without_progress: I've read other issues with him in it. And he did not grow on me. He made me miss Peter Parker, and I'm not the biggest Peter Parker fan in the world. I like his approach to fighting crime, but his personality rubs me the wrong way

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A movie maybe, but there isn't enough material if they're going to adapt the comic series faithfully to create a show that will last very long.

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@phantom1527: you know those scenes like Ock trying to earn Peter a PhD can actually make up for the humor part of the show

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@life_without_progress: If they made it a dark animated series and had A LOT of guest appearances then it could be interesting. The personality might still get on my nerves, but it could provide a unique storyline. Idk if marvel would want to make a darker animated series, but if they did I'd watch it

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@comicace3: It's my signature gif, for when just a simple no isn't enough.

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maybe, otto was pretty cool

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No. How about a Spider Man cartoon where Peter is starting his life outside high school

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If the 90's Spider-Man were still running it would have been an okay arc as it would have only lasted a few episodes. As a show it just would not work. Hardly worked as a comic. ;)

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I would say to some extent yes, maybe starting mid-battle between Pete and Dock, then as you go by the episodes show how Otto wants to be a hero but it ends with the Goblin war. Then season 2 is about building back up to where he was and explains the events unknown before season 1.

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Nope! SpOck was annoying as hell.

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An series?...

But an



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I am by no means a Spider-Man purist and I'm always open to cool new ideas and angles,I recently got the chance to read some SS comics and by God was it horrible,complete and utter disrespect to Peter Parker,it read like a bad fan fic with the writer trying to turn Spidey in to a Batman/Iron Man clone. The entire exercise boggles my mind,I know I'm late to the party here but why Ock? what was the point? heck I'm not even sure why any Ock fan would like it either. The SS was neither Octopus or Spidey,he was just a wish fulfillment/power fantasy version of Spider-Man,it could have actually made an excellent What If comic,thankfully though it's over. I dont wanna see Spock in any form ever again.

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I could definitely seeing Superior Spider-Man working as a multi-episode story arc in a preexisting Spider-Man series.