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Hulk love Godzilla. Godzilla inspire Hulk to smash stuff every day. Hulk want to know your opinion. You think Godzilla: King of the Monsters by Marvel should be revived? Hulk would really be interested in reading it.

Remember this?

Hulk think Marvel Godzilla revival should have Godzilla rampaging worldwide, like in classic series, and have Godzilla face several monsters from the Toho movies, like Mothra, Anguirus, Rodan, and King Ghidorah. Hulk would totally read it. What you think? Should Marvel regain rights to Godzilla and make more Godzilla comics.

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YES!. Ah loved when Godzilla interacted with Marvel's heroes.

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@Bushwhacker_ said:

YES!. Ah loved when Godzilla interacted with Marvel's heroes.

Yeah. Marvel must've loved Godzilla movies, so it inspire them to do comic. Hulk they need new Godzilla comics.

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I'm for it!

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Sure, would be neat to have him in Marvel again. Also having him fight another other monsters from his gallery, and also new ones would be neat too.

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@Jonny_Anonymous said:

@TheHulk: IDW have a great Godzilla comics IDW Shop Godzilla - Series

IDW has been hit or miss (Kindgom of Monsters went downhill quick, but the mini series have been awesome...haven't caught up on my reading to try new ongiong yet).

Best part of Marvel's run was the SHIELD involvement throughout the series and the final battle with FF/Avengers at the end. This is the series that introduced me to those teams and Issue 23 & 24 hold a special place with me. One of first series I introduced to each of my kids.

If you enjoyed Marvel's Godzilla I would recommend the Shogun Warrior series that came out around same timeframe, has the same creative team, and features the return of DOCTOR DEMONICUS!