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What do u think ?

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sure, why not?

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...as long its a good story...

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As long as he's not returned for the sake of making him returned

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Nope,he should be retconned from existence,if you wanna bring a character like that then atleast have the decency to make him compelling,Lincoln was the second coming of Hush an overly convoluted character with a halfassed backstory(and I believe it's cause Snyder wasn't bold enough),idiotic motivations and only existed for the purpose of a cheap TWEEST,you were never made to care for him,not only were we left with a bad character but a bad character who pollutes Batman's own backstory.We are getting an Owlman in Forever Evil,he works as an alternate universe doppelganger,forcing him in to continuity makes him worse off.

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As long as it's enjoyable.

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There's no reason why not.

Anyone can make a comeback.

Look at Kaine, for f**k's sake.

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I'd rather he come back and not be associated with the owls

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There's no reason why not.

The new Owlman from Forever Evil is one reason.

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I liked the character and that armor of his was badass. I wouldn't mind a return at all.

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Yes, he has to return. In my opinion, though I loved the arc and the whole new 52, this story didn't really end. Instead of the usual "the bad guys are put away and batman wins," it ended more "The bad guys are still out there and in a way batman is one of them." I need to see more Wayne brother explanation, because it seems like Bruce left us in denial and no real closure or answers were presented.