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I don't know if comic books still do this but I was looking up different crossover stories that lasted about 2 years or more such as Knightfall, Death of Superman, Superman Red and Blue, New Krypton, and Clone Saga and I noticed that the biggest complaints in all of them was that the stories lasted longer than what was necessary.

So I guess what I want to know is, if a crossover involved at least multiple comics each month, should the story arc last 2 years or should the writers use crossovers to tell the story in less time than if it were self contained to just one title?

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They're bad enough when they last 4-6 months.

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the clone saga is an epic clusterf*ck.

6 ongoing titles all being crossover for like 2 years?


just glad we got Kaine out it

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If done well no one would care that much

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Just a few months tops

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@grenadeflow: maybe the length of a crossover should be proportional to the amount of books involved in the crossover. The more books involved the less time it should take.

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No, people would lose interest in what is going on, although 52 was great.

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New Krypton rocked.

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@xwraith said:

They're bad enough when they last 4-6 months.


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@xwraith said:

They're bad enough when they last 4-6 months.


This x2

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I think pepole are not a fan of long crossovers now is because they got so used to 99% of all crossovers being really really bad.

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Crossovers don't exist anymore. Every hero is in another heroes comic all the time now.