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Should I pick up Hickman's run on the Avengers? It looks extremely interesting, and I have read #8 which had some good scenes. I'm in love with the are featured in there too. Should I pick it up?

Also a next question is, which do you find better? Uncanny Avengers or Hickman's Avengers?

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Yes, you should pick up Hickman's Avengers. His run is also better than Uncanny Avengers.

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Meh, the first arc was not for me, but it IS better than Uncanny, New Avengers is the best though.

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I agree with @the_stegman. New Avengers has been intriguing since issue one. Avengers is taking a bit too much time, for my tastes, to set up the game board. That's not to say that it won't pay off in the end, I just don't find the foundation building for the series to be that interesting.

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Uncanny is written by Rick Remender. That should be enough reason not to pick it up. (imo)

I've been loving the Hickman issues of Avengers and New Avengers I could get my hands onto (though misses a few issues here and there in these past few months) and will definitely be picking up the trades once they're out in paperback. They're full of these "big ideas" which makes them great!

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I would definitely recommend Hickman's Avengers over Remender's Uncanny Avengers. However, I would recommend Hickman's New Avengers over his Avengers, and before either I'd say you should pick up the two Image limited-series he wrote and illustrated himself, Pax Romana and The Nightly News.

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It took me a second to get into as well, I got the first issue then skipped a few and I got back in at issue 5 or 6, and I have been enjoying it.

New Avengers is also Great lol I think everyone has said that.

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I would like to recommend Hickman's new East of West title. It's only two issues in but I'm hooked.

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I personally like the title, but it does tend to move slower and you'd probably be better served reading it in trade form or just in large chunks in general.

I think Hickman's has been better than Uncanny, but to be fair, Uncanny has just started getting good to me with issues 6 and 7. If you liked Uncanny X-Force by Remender, you'll probably dig those two issues.

New Avengers is a slow burn as well, but it's a wild ride.

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I found Hickman's Avengers to be kinda mediocre. I dropped it recently for this reason.

But if you're interested in it I'd encourage you to pick it up, and try it out for yourself.

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New Avengers I would recommend. His regular Avengers title is just meh. Dropped it about twice trying to get into it.

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