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First blog in a long time, lets see if I still got this.

"Hey Monet, sorry about the whole destroying your life thing, hugs?"

I was thinking about the Uncanny X-Men story line where Emplate came back and kidnapped Bling! to serve as his, let's say life force groping buddy. Being a huge X-Factor fan, I remembered thinking what M would have done if she found out that Emplate had come back, even just briefly. As far as I can tell, though, no one has told her that Emplate resurfaced. While X-Men and X-Factor were never really on great terms, you would think that someone would have sent her an email at least about her psycho brother returning.

The larger issue that I think this incident speaks too is if a one of the villains that has been in comic limbo comes back to attack a different super-hero or team, should the villains former nemesis be told. It would seem like it is more dangerous to not let fellow super heroes know when a villain is back. Some kind of heads up would give a hero prep time in case the villain tries to go after the hero again. Then again, communication between superheroes or groups doesn't seem to happen a lot to begin with. How much should heroes be in each others business I guess is the real question, does Iron Man or Captain America have to know the history of each super villain they deal with? Or does responsibility fall to the hero that has the beef with the villain? Should M have been on the look out for Emplate?

Are there examples where a villain reappeared and someone really should have spread the news through the super hero networking site that I assume all the heroes are apart (I think the younger heroes should at least start a SuperFacebook group).

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love this example, this was one of my favourite stories during the Utopia era, and the story that made me an Acuna fan for life..

this sort of reminds me of when Cyclops went out with Colleen Wing, who obviously must've known that Jean Grey was still alive, but just never bothered to mention it..

ha! the eighties..

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Interesting topic -- I sometimes would think the same in terms of a well known nemesis turning up to wreak havoc on a new set of superheros.

Granted, there are a lot of villains who exist in multiple rogue galleries, but your example of Emplate is a good one. Wouldn't M have picked up on it on her own, somehow? I know she can read minds, wouldn't something have alerted her to her brother's reappearance? It would be great for a writer to take this on somehow although something is niggling in the back of my mind that it has. I shall marinade and come back to this if I remember.

Great blog. :)