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Go to this link. I know it's just artwork, but I think they could build an awesome show around this. http://forums.comicbookresources.com/showthread.php?418300-Batman-animated-series

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Holy crap Batman...

That would actually work!

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It will happen eventually. But Batman: TAS is still fresh on everyone's minds, and no one has the balls to try a similar thing while Bruce Timm is still around.

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... holy crap.

Make it happen! The only ones I don't like are the first two. But... Cassandra Cain... in an animated series?! LET'S DO IT!

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I want Batman to take a break from animated series... but I have to admit this looks pretty awesome

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This would be way better than the crap they have planned.

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Anything would be better than Beware the Batman.

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Those do look awesome but I dunno if they would change the cast and costumes each season like that. I had high hopes for Young Justice that each season they'd age the characters slightly and update their looks. Instead they did a five year jump between season 1 and 2 and now its cancelled and I'm sad.

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That sounds amazing.

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It's so beautiful.

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I want to see the season that Dick takes over as Batman.

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oh yes make it happen please!!!!!