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Before I start, yes, I know this was already an article (, and I'm a bit late, but I still want to establish my opinion (better late than never right?).

Should Batman Have another Robin?

As many have known, in Batman, Incorporated #8, Damian Wayne was killed by his genetically engineered clone of himself, The Heretic. Following his death many have asked "Should Batman have a new Robin?" Well in my opinion, I firmly state no. Why? Well for one I see that it is far too soon for a new person to have the mantle of Robin. However, at least we do know that Batman will not have one for a minimum of 5 months, as Bruce has to go through the many stages of grief, including :

  • Denial
  • Anger
  • Bargaining
  • Depression
  • Acceptance

Now, I'm not sure if Morrison is going to follow the exact same stages, but it will be similar nonetheless. Obviously, in my opinion, if a new Robin (for example, speculation says Harper Row may be the next "Boy Wonder", or rather "Girl Wonder") will be introduced, it will have to be after acceptance. But really, even after that, would Bruce be able to put another child in danger after two (technically a false one including Stephanie Brown, so that would be three) grisly Robin deaths? If it took years for Batman to cope with Jason's death, how would he cope with another Robin and his own biological son's death? Need I remind you Jason's death was not very pleasant.

And neither was Damian's.

Batman certainly can't ignore those numbers right? It would be kind of dumb for Bruce, which such a high intellect, to have another Robin just months, or maybe more if there is a timelapse. This is Batman's own son! Personally, I wouldn't want to see another Robin for another 10 years or until Damian inevitably returns (hopefully will also be at least 10 years). I mean Jason Todd's death is shown to be one of Batman's largest failures, carrying on a decade and strong as a painful memory of how he should be more careful with his own Bat-Family. Apply that same logic to Damian Wayne, plus the fact that its his own son, and we have at least 2x the emotional sting.

How could you replace this?

And so, I firmly rest my case (or rather, opinion), that Batman should not have another Robin for at least 10 years.

Oh, and on another note did anyone else think Knight's death was pretty much overlooked? I mean nobody even cared and they were just like "oh yeah..he died...SO MOVING ON TO DAMIAN WAYNE AGAIN!!!"

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no Damian should be brought back.

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There are already to many Robins.

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@eternalnature: He should...just not before 5-10 years, or else his death would be meaningless and his character would depreciate a lot.

I like Damian, and that's why I want him to stay dead for a really long time. His character deserves it (not in a bad way).

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Na mate I agree that he should stay dead but not for five years

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@Z3RO180: I understand where you're coming from, but I personally believe that Damian should stay dead longer than that. Any shorter would be a disgrace to his character (unless executed really well, unlike Jason's random Superboy punching a hole in reality shindig).

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He shouldn't have had the first one! Why would you endanger a minor like that?

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I'm torn. He's a better human with a Robin, but he's a more effective crime-fighter without one.

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@YourNeighborhoodComicGeek said:

Oh, and on another note did anyone else think Knight's death was pretty much overlooked? I mean nobody even cared and they were just like "oh yeah..he died...SO MOVING ON TO DAMIAN WAYNE AGAIN!!!"

Yes, for sure. Not only that, but we never got an update on The Hood betraying Batman Inc. and knocking out Jason Todd (as Wingman.) It's going to make absolutely no sense when the next issue of Red Hood and the Outlaws takes place after Damian's death (and therefore after The Hood's betrayal) and makes no mention of it.

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 Batman will always need a Robin
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This is good post.  Well said.  However...
Batman should absolutely have a Robin.  Although, I don't think it should be a child.  I've NEVER thought it was a good idea to have a child with no powers as a super hero...
You've mentioned that it will be at least five months until he MIGHT have a new Robin.  Well, in comic book time, that is only about a month...  So, I doubt he'll be over the grieving process.  In fact, I can't imagine that he will WANT another Robin.  My guess is, it's not even going to be his choice.  Someone's going to show up and say, "I'm your new Robin.  Suck it up."
Now, Harper isn't a child.  She's a grown woman, isn't she?  A technician or engineer of sort?  I thought it was odd that she appeared in a single issue of Batman.  I suspected there had to be more to it than just that issue.  It would make sense if that was just a way to introduce the new Robin...