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Ok so there is an episode of the Big Bang theory in which Sheldon and Stuart argue about who would be come the next batman if Bruce Wayne dies. Sheldon says Dick Grayson, Stuart says Jason Todd. Who do you chose?

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I always found that argument completely invalid, Stuart said Dick Grayson couldn't be batman because he was Nightwing 'a superhero in his own right'

but Jason was red hood at the time, plus if he knew anything about Jason he'd of known that he's red hood and that he kills his enemies a line batman could never be allowed to cross,

just seems to me that the writers didn't do their research there, also Dick Grayson actually DID become batman so I think Sheldon won that argument

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How is this on the X-Men forum?

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Sheldon of course.

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@tomchu said:

Why is this on the X-Men forum?

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