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Just tilling this through my head. I mean, he's only human. They can't come up with some amazing way for him to come from everything. I think he should have been dead by now.

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Are you talking about being dead from old age? If so, refer to "Bruce Wayne: The Road Home." Batman just traveled forward through time in order to get to the present. Who's to say his age didn't get messed up in the process?

Look, if you're going to start pointing fingers at Batman for aging too damn gracefully, we're going to have to start doing it to everyone else too, and then all we'll get is a clear picture of how absurd comic books are.

Short answer? He hasn't aged 'cause comic books are friggin' cuh-ray-zee!

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Because the Batman TM. brings in more than a billion dollars a year for WB co.

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Any reasoning that says Batman should be dead can be applied to the majority of the superhero community. Spiderman's fast, but he isn't bulletproof. Green Lantern's just a dude if he's not using his ring. Why doesn't someone just shoot him while he's off duty? This train of reasoning breaks down really quickly. He's not dead because he's not real.