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For a long time now I have been back and forth on whether to get into The Flash series. My previous attempts at reading DC didn't go well. I tried to read Green Lantern for a while because a friend was collecting the series and while I enjoyed the Agent Orange arc the rest just didn't suit me. Then I tried the 2010 Green Arrow series but the story just was a real letdown.

So that's a bit of the reason I am apprehensive to jump into Flash. If you want to read about a speedster there really is no place else to go though. I love Manapul's art so that makes me want to get the new 52 series but maybe I should go back and start with Wally West's series.

Part of the problem is me trying to limit my total comic spending and I know if I get into Flash there is potential for spending a lot of money. I have so many other series and comics on my "To Get" list that placing something with such a big history on it makes me very hesitant. I'm sure it'll happen eventually though.

Is there a series you've thought about reading for a while but just haven't given it that chance yet?

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Wanted to get the new Fantastic Four series but didn't get around to it. I wanted to get the new Morbius title but the first issue was so underwhelming I just said to myself, "save your money".

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Titans by Grayson, but is expensive to get to my country.

Flash by Mark Waid, read a few issues, and I liked what I read. But I cant buy them over Amazon.

Nova vol. 2, since its a tie-in to New Warriors, one of my two favorite teams, but they aren't collected in TPB, so they are difficult to find.

Arsenal mini series, but my comic-shop cant get it.

Tempest mini series, same story as Arsenal.

Aquaman, mostly because Tempest is in it. Not TPB, but I found a place were I can get some of the issues.

Being a nerd from Denmark sucks!!!

I consider using Ebay.co.uk. Is it trustworthy?

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@bumpyboo: The first issue of Saga is available for free through Comixology. After reading that I took the leap and got all of them.

For me that series is Swamp Thing. I've heard good things about it, and it would be nice to see how the Green works since I'm a big Animal Man fan and I know all about the Red, but I always end up leaving the comic book and remembering Swamp Thing on my way home.

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I've been wanting to get into the Fearless Defenders ('cause I love Valkyrie), but I'm not that into the art which is making me hesitate. The covers have been amazing so far though. If Mark Brooks takes a shot at doing the interiors too, I'll definitely bite.

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I've been meaning to try out Revival, Mind the Gap and Mind MGMT, but just haven't had the time to read any of them.

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Mark Waid's Dare Devil

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@impossibilly: I've tried Mind the Gap, stopped around the start of the second arc/volume due to financial reasons. It's a fun whodunnit-type story with some interesting supernatural elements. I kinda regret dropping it now..

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I have so many on my wish list right now and my major concerns are reading up on past issues/trades before jumping into the current stuff. So......

Animal Man by Morrison before I get Lemire's

Aquaman (New 52) nothing is stopping me because I hear this is a good start except Amazon's month long wait for the Trench.

Swamp Thing by Snyder, want to finish Moore's run first (about to get the second volume delivered)

Batman by Snyder (also nothing really stopping me except my collector OCD going wild and buying all of Bats' greatest graphic novels/trades)

X-O Manowar just waiting for the hardcover collection to come out

Harbinger same as above.

Green Lantern (New 52) same as many options above I'm reading through old trades right now. By that I mean Johns' landmark run and I'm up to Rage of the Red Lanterns. So when I finish that run completely then I might start on the new 52 version but I haven't heard as much hype regarding it as I did for the run i'm currently reading.

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A Series of Unfortunate Events...

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League of Extraordinary gentlemen... i want a reboot. I bought the omnibus by Alan Moore... it's my FAVOURITE book i've read HANDS DOWN!

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Scarlet Spider

Animal Man

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@baberaham_lincoln: I dont know about that. It kinda piss me of that Moore apparently dont get Hyde or Nemo. Just saying.

Can I read Titans by Grayson on the net somehow?

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I want to read Age Of Ultron, Guardians of the Galaxy, Infinity, and Daredevil.

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Lazarus, Saga, Invincible, Star Wars and Scarlet Spider are titles that come to mind.

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Green arrow

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Batman - I find the amount of history behind this character very intimidating I've got quite a few issues here and there but I've never dug deep. Recently I've resigned to just grabbing arcs from the Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight series.

Aquaman - New 52, I didn't give it a shot out the gate but I want to pick up the trades at some point.

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Adventure Time.

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Superman, Psy War doesn't appeal to me atm

Venom-way behind

Walking Dead-Same as above

ANXM/UXM- read the first couple issues for each but at $3.99 each it's difficult to add to my pull.

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Basically the top DC titles Superman, Batman, Justice League. One day I'm going to start reading DC again.

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I need to finish watching the Justice League and Justice League unlimited tv series. Welp.

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Conan. I promised i would so i will though.

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@impossibilly: I wasn't all that fond of Mind the Gap. I missed the boat on Mind Mgmt in singles and bought the hardcover. Good stuff. Plan to do the same with Revival. Hardcover is due out this fall.

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Legion of Superheroes and Red Sonja

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Prophet, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Sandman by Gaiman, Y: The Last Man. One of these days, one of these days.

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On the fence about wolverine and justice league

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Chew , Maus , Sweet Tooth , Fables , Punisher Max , Transmetropolitan ,Grant Morrison's Invisibles & Animal Man

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Sandman and Superman Unchained

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New 52 Teen Titans. Superboy has always kind of annoyed me and seems like a pointless character. They should have dramatically killed him in the 90's.

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I have a lot. I'll list some in a bit but the two main ones that always come to mind are IDW's TMNT & xXxXx-Factor.

TMNT because of K4tz been saying, "if your a true fan get it", because I want to support independent companies sometimes, because I keep hearing IDW's series is great and because my first comic book was a TMNT comic so I'm kind of trying to pay homage.

xXx-Factor because I have been totally interested for years. I originally was going to get it back in the day when I was getting BOOM Studios Irredeemable but Life happened.

I haven't gotten TMNT because of money and I need to catch up. Plus, I'm not that anxious to get it over other books.

xXx-Factor I haven't because I feel intimidated to try and catch up now. Plus, the money is always an issue.

Hopefully in the future I'll be able to get xXx-Factor, plus TMNT. I'm just more eager to get xXx-Factor.

Others that catch my attention are:

Superior Spider

Uncanny X-Men


Illuminati New Avengers

Invincible (I'm interested to see the hype)

Uncanny Avengers (I enjoy Remenders writing and I want to see firsthand if he's fell off.)

Morbius The Living Vampire (I'm starting to fall for the Vamp vanwagon)

Gambit (He needs some love.)

Kick-Ass (So I can finish. My friend let me borrow it.)

Incorruptible (Heard it goes hand in hand with Irredeemable, I doubt it but I'm sure it's a solid read.)

A good Spider-Man trade, A great Deadpool trade, A solid Black Panther trade, and other books that escape my mind.