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If you haven't read Vertigo Comics but you're ready for comics that do a little something different for you than superhero fare, then you need to check out early Veritgo. This lot has lots of complete runs of various Vertigo Mini-series (Like Scarab, Faultines, Flex Mentallo, Proposition Player, Vamps and others - Vertigo really favored mini-series as a way to try out new ideas). It also has a ton of Animal Man, some Tim Hunter comics (Harry Potter before Harry Potter) and lots of other great stuff. 155 comics all told.

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Find my auction of these books on Ebay here.

But you're like, NO! I love superheroes. I'm not ready for anything else. I want to understand the cosmos!

Fine, I am also selling my cosmic Marvel books. This lot gets you tons of Silver Surfer (coolest character of all, if you ask me), the complete run, first printing, VF-NM copies of The Infinity Gauntlet and also lots of 70s era Warlock books - with art by greats like Gil Kane and Jim Starlin.

Here's a video about that lot:

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And here's where you can find the auction for it on Ebay.

I hope some of y'all will check this stuff out! Let me know what you think of my videos, too (I have many of these).