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Post ideas for secondary mutations.

  • Toad - wolverine level healing factor because Toads can regrow limbs and organs in real life.
  • Cyclops - X-Ray Vision
  • Celeste Frost - Make objects out of psychic energy (like Psylocke)
  • Irma Frost - Telepathy
  • Phoebe Frost - Genius level intellect
  • Storm - Lightning form where she's able to become made out of lightning and get all uber strong
  • Rogue - Able to pass a power into someone else
  • Jean Grey - Jade Skin same thing as Emma's diamond form but green.
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Multiple Man: Give that dude his alternate dimension powers! Every dupe has a different power in addition to the current different personality thing.

Kitty Pryde: Can now become invisible in addition to her intangibility.

Cyclops: Change blast trajectory after firing, ala Omega Beams.

Charles Xavier: Superhuman speed. But only when his legs are broken.

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Gambit-make hard energy constructs that can explode
Husk-can change size
Kitty Pryde-can become super dense
Angel-split into beings, archangel and current angel

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I'm going to go with a less conventional style of posting in a topic like this and go in detail one at a time

Cyclops - Since iirc his powers is that his eyes are a gateway to a different dimension I'll make his secondary in relation to his first. Besides that I wouldn't upgrade his power in a way that renders his spatial awareness as a secondary thing directional control and X-ray would make his Cyke's geometrical awareness less used. I also want to add an ability that allows to showcase him being able to use it in a tactical sense.

So for Cyke's second mutation I'd rather focus less on the eyes and more on the energy. His secondary mutation would allow him cover himself in an unstable armor of his energy. The armor being unstable would break as soon as adequate amount of force hits Scott. But on the moments it does break it creates a concussive knockback effect. Using videogame terms there's a cooldown every time he uses the armor at the same time it can only stay up a few seconds at a time before fading away. This allows the power to be in direct relation to the first so there's the connection, it's a power that allows improvement without making it a power that he would always rely on. There are easily a few ways to apply this creatively with his skill set and powers and can be used in synergy with his optic blasts. Imagine if an enemy manages to get up close to Cyke with the armor and it's concussive knockback effect he can effectively keep the opponent at a distance and open for a shot with his optic blast.

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Give Kitty Pryde that secondary mutation her Ultimate Counterpart technically got. And by that I mean that her phasing is really Density Manipulation. So she could be increase it and gain limited invulnerability and increase in strength like a 2-5 ton thing or decrease it so that she can not only phase, but make herself light enough to glide in the air like a feather.

As far as Cyke getting omnidirectional beams, he kinda has started to show signs of it after the Phoenix so logically it should be his next mutation. Below is from ANXM 4.

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Jean Grey - Mind is unreadable, cannot be taken over and untouchable by telepathy or any piece of tech.

Beast - Can transform into his regular mutated form, Blue Apelike form, and his catlike form whenever he wants by thinking on it.

Cyclops - Beams, can phase through objects and then become solid. It also provides marksmanship allowing him to target his opponents at great distances with extreme accuracy.

Angel - Just like with Beast can change form on command just by thinking on it.

Iceman - Is so cold that he can walk on anything hot(way up in the thousand degree section) and instead of burning cools down said object person.

Wolverine - His body could heal and now his mind and soul can regenerate allowing him to heal from wounds of pride, spiritual attacks, and loss of memory as quick as he does his own wounds.

Colossus - Colossus is not just made of metal he now is not magnetic allowing him to not be controled by Magneto. He also can use metal around him to build his body up, allowing him to in effect grow to any height he wishes.

Storm - Storm now has control over mystical storms and any type of elemental damage does not harm her.

Nightcrawler - He can now look like a normal human any time he wishes. He also can teleport rapidly fast in the same spot effectively making him unharmable.