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Cell saying he could destroy the solar system in Dragonball

Itachi's Amaterasu being as hot as the sun in Naruto

Yu Yu Hakusho characters claiming to be planetbusters

Samurai Deeper Kyo characters claiming to be FTL

Q from Star Trek being Omnipotent

Reactron having the power to destroy a galaxy

Majin Buu and Dragon Ball GT characters claiming to be universe busters

The Sentry having the power of million exploding suns

Juggernaut being unstoppable

The black hole at the end of Diebuster creating a new Big Bang

Almost anything claimed in Touhou

- Post - Crisis Superman defeating Dominus, a multiversalcosmic being

- Hulk destroying a dimension with a thunderclap

- Master Roshi destroying the moon (possibly Piccolo doing so as well, though the latter one is often considered more acceptable)

- Fuko dodging a laser early on in Flame of Recca, which would give her FTLreactions, when even later in the series the strongest characters are only arguably hypersonic

- Shikamaru defeating Hidan in Naruto

- Shanks' arm being bit off by a random sea king in One Piece

- Samurai Jack defeating an enemy wielding a weapon that was supposedly universal in power

- Emperor Palpatine being kidnapped by normal troops led by Admiral Zaarin in Star Wars

- Batman hurting Darkseid with a kick

- Deathstroke defeating the JLA in Identity Crisis (featuring a bunch of traps they would never realistically fall for and so much PISon the JLA's side it was pathetic)

- Orion and Etrigan each destroying 1/5th of a universe

- Zatanna defeating a universal+ being

- Captain America hurting Onslaught

- Iceman defeating Oblivion

- Storm channeling the entire power of a galactic core

- Thor containing a blast powerful enough to destroy 1/5th of the universe

- Black Panther subduing the Silver Surfer (Marvel Comics)

- Captain America able to KO Thor

- Deathstroke defeating the JLA in Identity Crisis

- The Flash not speedblitzing most of his opponents right off the bat (although it should be noted that many of his enemies can defend against it)

- Practically every time Voyager defeated the Borg in Star Trek

- Spiderman beating Firelord aka

who is more reliable the author or the fans(obd, db, and dfw)? comic/manga scans or fan-made calculations? and why

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why all these links?