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Hey All-

I'm making RSS feed stuff my late night project of the week, but before I get started I figured I'd ask what kind of interest there is from you guys in having RSS feeds on the site. I know not everyone uses them but I figured there's gotta be some tech nerds out there that might be interested in them.

Possible feeds...

  1. Anything dealing with blogs.

  2. Your friends blog updates.

  3. Approved submissions.

  4. Approved submissions per character/team

  5. The New comics tab.

Anyways, lemme know what you think. Frankly I'm pretty pissed I can't get an RSS feed from newsarama, but I figured I couldn't be too mad till I implimented RSS on CV first.

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I don't even know how to use RSS feeds so I have absolutely no interest in them.

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What's an RSS feed?

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Post Deleted.

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I'm a fan of RSS in general, so if you get them up I'll probably use them for one thing or another. The blog feed and new comic feed are both of particular interest.

On a side note, Firefox makes RSS quite simple.