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Poll: Round 4: Which lady do you like the most. (53 votes)

Elektra 11%
Psylocke 25%
X-23 21%
Magik 17%
Angela 2%
Sif 4%
Gamora 9%
Zealot 2%
Aphrodite IX 0%
Aphrodite IV 0%
Lady Death 0%
Faith (the slayer) 2%
Vampirella 2%
Katana (New 52) 2%
Hit-Girl 4%

I decided not to include images of these ladies, cause there is about 15 Ladies in this poll. All these ladies have something in common, that is there all quite dangerous and most of them are killers.

Which lady is your favourite. Please don't pick who you think are the most attractive. Just pick which lady you like the most.

I don't expect you put these ladies in order, cause there quite a few, I would like to know who is your top 5 from this list. You can post images if you want.

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Vampi. I like occult comics.

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From this list Psylocke is my Number one

Then X-23

Then these ladies in the following order

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Right now, really digging Angela since her return in MARVEL

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Hmmm…I'm gonna go with X-23 on this one.

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No Enchantress.

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Magik all the way

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I voted X23. This was the hardest poll to vote on though. It was difficult choice between my top six: X23, Psylocke, Magik, Angela, Gamora, and Sif

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Gamora easily

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it's really the only person on that entire list that leap out and said PICK ME! Psylocke and X 23 both are fine but i like magik alot better so yea her lol

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Here is my top 5...X23, Magik, Psylocke, Lady Death, and Katana.

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Psylocke by far...

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Faith...I guess. Don't really care for anyone on this list.

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You forgot Power Girl so I'm not voting.

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You forgot Power Girl so I'm not voting.

Power-Girl will appear in another round. If you like any of these ladies please pick one.

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It looks like X-23 is more popular than Psylocke and Elektra that's surprising.

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@time: honestly, I'm not familiar with any of them. I didn't read indy books in the 90's and hate X-men so I'll just wait until your next poll.

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Lady Death is the hottest of these ladies but Gamora is my favorite.