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Poll: Robin or Nightwing? (26 votes)

Robin 50%
Nightwing 50%

Who do you prefer as Batman's sidekick?

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Nightwing isn't a sidekick. Or at least he shouldn't be. God much untapped potential.


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Nightwing is not a sidekick in my opinion.

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Ok come to think of it Nightwing isn't really a sidekick... who is better overall?

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As for who's better overall?

Definatly Nightwing.

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Nightwing is the best of the Robins, in fact I like him better than Batman

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Nightwing is not a sidekick. So the only answer can be Robin.

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We're talking about Dick Grayson! The original Robin! Of course he's going to be better.

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Nightwing is more of a partner.

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I like Nightwing, but he's not Batman's sidekick.

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Nightwing isnt a sidekick. Thats the whole point of him becoming Nightwing...

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First off he became night wing to show he isn't a sidekick

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I only like Dick as Nightwing not much of a fan of him as Robin unless he's leading the TT

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i've always liked the robins. more nimble acrobatic fighters who utilize weaponry.

but come on its nightwing we're talking about here.