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So I was reading an issue of Blue Beetle when all of a sudden... 


BAM!  whoa what's that?  Ted's left-handed? (he appeared to be left-handed throughout that series)  Coooool.  Me and my comicbook counterpart only become more alike!  Yeah, that's right, I'm left-handed.  I get graphite on my hand when I write with pencils just like the rest of you left-handed people. 
However, this brought the questions: How often do you notice the handedness of superheroes?  Is it consistant from book to book?  Does it really matter? 
Anyone know any superheroes who have a specific handedness?  Cause I've seen plenty of pictures of Ted using his right hand, so am I to assume he's ambidextrous? 
The only other one I know for sure is Dr. Mid-Nite is ambidextrous 
I would think Batman would be the same, but I don't really know.