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Hi folks,

Not [I]entirely[/I] sure if this is the best part of the forum to go for, but it seemed to fit...however, please feel free to advise!

I’m an unabashed fan of Ricardo Delgado’s artwork and his storytelling abilities. In the comic world I guess he’s most well known for his Age of Reptiles stories, but in 1999 Dark Horse released a 4-issue mini series called Hieroglyph that left a rather big impression on me at the time. My well-thumbed copies frequently get re-read and for me it captures everything I love about ‘epic’ sci-fi – mysterious planet, strange aliens, and bloody huge architecture!

This comic infact...

I loved it so much that in 2010 I hounded Ricardo remorsely in order to produce a miniature figure of the story’s main villain Servant Prime. After a series of emails where I rather suspect he thought I was nuts, he agreed to me doing it, and I did! And I was incredibly proud of the end result.

This figure infact...

But – you know what? – it’s always bugged me that the comics were never released in a collected format. The original comics are starting to show their age a little, and recently I’ve been thinking whether there might be an interest in getting them made into trade format (in lovely quality of course!), and letting people who were fans buy and getting folk who’ve never heard of the thing reading it and enjoying.

I’ve tentatively broached the subject with Ricardo, and – whilst he still thinks I’m nut – I’m starting to do a little bit of market research into it. Hence why I’m on the forum and asking a fairly simple question…

Would YOU be interesting in buying a collected Hieroglyph graphic novel?

In an ideal world, I’d love it to be in as high quality as possible, with a few extra bits and bobs put in there, and have it as gorgeous as possible!

But, I’m getting ahead of myself – lots of work, cajoling and researching to do before we’re anywhere near the stage. Also, there’s the issue of whether the rights of ownership have reverted back to Ricardo in the first place! He thinks so, but I’m not going to do anything without knowing for sure!

Anyway, that’s the question, and I’d love to hear some views about it.

Thanks so much!