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I sure hope that nothing like this has been done before, on the Vine.

Let`s picture a very usual scenario. You notice a comic, that you`re interested in, here on the Vine. But, you don`t know if you wanna read it. So you scroll down to the bottom of the issue, hoping that there`s a review there. Unsurprisingly, there isn`t.

The purpose of this thread is to, as the name tells ya, to be a place where you can request reviews. Maybe even for movies, if you want.

Sure, you could search for review from other places in the internet, or some kind of a printed magazine. But, wouldn`t it be nice to actually read more reviews from this site, if there`s exact places for them, to what they can be placed? I would like that very much.

Of course, I`m not expecting that this will create anything revolutionary (maybe it will, I dunno), but I hope that this is of some use.

Anyways, here`s the rules for this whole shebang (yes, there`s rules):

  1. Don`t request reviews from ME. Because...
  2. Anyone, who has read or watched the particular story, that someone wants to get reviewed, can review it. So, request from all the users in general. Exceptions can always be made, of course. But the again, you shouldn`t do that too often. Ow, who am I kidding, you peeps are not gonna care about some rules...It`s useless to make them. Keeping that in mind, there`s two more rules...
  3. There can be more reviews in one issue. But they have to showcase different things about the issue. There should also be different ratings in different reviews. Because, only when you`ve read a review that praises the story, and stomps it to the ground, you can decide whether to buy something or not. Or, maybe it will make you more confused, which isn`t a good thing...
  4. Please, no spoilers.

Well...That`s all.

Get cracking.

Me? Start? Okay, whatever.

X-men: Poptopia.

Individual issues are fine too.