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Hey wat's up Viners and those that haven't followed me or know much about what I do; I'm an avid comic reviewer, new to the site who uses Comic Vine as an alternative for social networking, specifically talking about comics and rants. However, I'm lacking followers to keep updated with my activity feeds such as reviews, blog posts, forum posts, threads, and even statuses; so if your willing to give me a follow, I'll most likely follow back if you're interested in the same comic taste I seem to favor. Here are some of the latest reviews from last week. Please look over them, recommend, rate, and comment if you felt that these reviews were helpful and interesting. Thanks again.

Aquaman #3 Review - CLICK HERE!

TMNT: The Secret History of the Foot Clan #2 - CLICK HERE!

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Will most likely be posting up some reviews on Wednesday as I'm pretty busy with some other things at the moment. However, if I don't get those reviews out, I'll definitely have reviews from last week's releases and the new releases up by the end of the weekend. Thanks again for all the active users of CV that have followed so far. Will follow back to those that have the same interest in comics as I do; not by specific characters, but of comic taste (ex. Those that read DC Comics and Marvel and that favor more "superhero and vigilante" type of comics). Or if you just a chill, down-to-earth dude that cruises around the forums, I'll definitely give you a follow back.