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Well...getting over the idea that Kraven could actually beat Black Panther...  Is it possible that Kraven's knife is made of vibranium or adamantium?

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@Timandm: Kraven only managed to cut the unprotected area around BP's eye. It seems like the force of Kraven's attacks wore BP down, but if BP's suit is reinforced with vibranium, the only way Kraven could have beaten him is by using a submission of some kind. The book didn't specify what the knife was made out of, but it's doubtful that Kraven would have access to vibranium, considering the scarcity of that particular metal. In the book, BP is strapped down to an apartment floor, fired relentlessly upon by a gang, and he manages to escape his floor shackles completely unharmed - that's something that I forgot about, but if his suit was reinforced with vibranium, that would explain how he walked away without taking any damage.