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I just finished reading Rage of the Red Lanterns, then Red Lanterns up to #10. I absolutely LOVED the new title up to #8... after that, Benes left but the art stayed solid, and while there were some crossover shenanigans that are always annoying, I think that the title had been pretty damn good! So why does this book get so little credit? It seems like it's been kinda shuffled away, but Bleez and Ratchet are awesome characters and even Atrocitus is really growing on me. What gives?

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I got to admit i wasn't into the whole lantern stuff at all untill i read blackest night about 2 months ago, by now i'm still no big fan of green lantern or the new guardians or what else there is, except for the Red Lanterns. In my opinion it's the best of the whole lantern series. Not that "heroic" or "noble", but still there's sense to it and the way the characters acting.

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Bump for justice.

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The books wander too much

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Defiantly underrated. It's my favorite lantern book, but it always gets low review scores.

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I know right? All I ever hear is that it's no good, was really hesitant to pick it up. Admittedly, 9 and 10 were not as good but I am looking forward to plunging onward, the first 8 were amazing.

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All right I'm gonna give them a read. The better be good, lol.