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The title pretty much sums it up. The title must be current and preferably an ongoing series. It'd be nice if you say why you like it or what's it about too.

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It's been in limbo since 2012, but is slated to start back again sometime soon, but I'd recommend you go back and collect Stan Saki's "Usagi Yojumbo" series. Incredible stuff that is egregiously underrated.

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The only Dark Horse I read is Captain Midnight. There have been only 4 issues so far # s 0,1,2,&3 You really should give this one a try. You won't be sorry.

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Hellboy and Conan are both awesome.

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The only one I read right now is Mass Effect: Foundation, but I'm a fanboy. I couldn't really recommend it from an objective, quality-based standpoint.

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Nobody is mentioning Mind MGMT? Because Mind MGMT.

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The Goon


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Definately conan the barbarion by far!

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At some point I keep meaning to check out the Buffy comics, but I keep putting it off and as time goes by my interest diminishes.

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@maccyd: its called conan the barbarian an brian wood writes it