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I'm trying to find out the best stories for these characters, I need a some advice.

The characters are


For kitty there is the Joss Whedon series. I also like her in All new X-Men. What esle is there.


Can't remember the issues number

One Uncanny X-Men issue, it was the issue where jubilee leaving the X-Men and there was cool interactions between Emma and Bobby.

There was in issues in the early 90's where Rogue and Iceman visited bobby parents

There was Mike Carey X-Men run too.

Emma taking over Bobby body too.


Endanger Species

There also was issue from the X-Men in the earlys 90's with Beast, Iceman and Rogue in it. Can't remember the issue number.


Blood ties from the X-Men series in early 90's

Crossing over from Uncanny X-Men, early 90's

Murder in the Mansion ( X-Treme X-Men)

Professional X

One issues from Original Sin ( Wolverine Origins)

The issue where Jubilee and Charles went rollerblading

The issue from Uncanny X-Men, where Charles think he fail illyanna, when she dying from the legacy virus.


When he died in Second Coming

Uncanny X-Force, where he killed Iceman

In Divided we stand, he was pretty cool. Dropping Omega Red out thin air, was so cool

I can't think of anything esle.

Layer Miller




If your fan of these characters, please offer some advice

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Forgive my spelling, have to go back edit my above post.