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Hey this is a bit of a two part question. First I was wondering if the "Help finding a comic thread" is actually of any help? I mainly ask because I noticed the responses there are very few and far between and seem to take quite some time.

Secondly I was just looking for some help to get pushed in the direction of some good comments. I will just copy the post I made there, I apologize ahead of time for the repost...

I am looking to get a new comic and have no idea where to start. I have read most of walking dead, some Hell Boy, Kingdom Come, The Killing Joke, and I plan to pick up Superman: Red Son with whatever I get recommended. I am not looking for anything in particular, I just want some honest recommendations that have some good art, a good story, and just a good read. Literally will take whatever you got, and please provide me somewhere as a start point, I would prefer to not jump into the middle of a series.

Honestly my biggest problem with finding something is finding a good starting point. The only comic series I have actually gone from issue 1 to current is walking dead, and that's because that is all there is to read. I think big name super heroes are cool and interesting, but there are so many different offshoots that I have no idea what's good and what to start. I have done hours of research on multiple occasions, and always feel as lost as when I come in.

So really any recommendations, or general help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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@SSully: Get Saga! Pick up the trade, vol. 1. Additionally Sandman series is really really good, if you have the money to pick up the trades.

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Read AllStar Superman 1-12 or just pick up the two trades. Read secret origin and man of steel 1-6 to learn of the different origins. Read superman Brainiac. It sets up for new krypton but its a good story by itself. Read the entire new 52 action comics seriously its awesome. If you want to read superman then start and 18 issue.

Read Red Hood and the Outlaws 1-8 on youtube. Batman reborn. Read pre flash point Batman and Robin.

Also on youtube read: blackest night, brightest day, war of the green lanterns, and the new 52 stuff for GL. Its all on a channel called BrandonHexx. Also he has infinite crisis and final crisis.

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If you enjoy superheroes and you enjoy The Walking Dead, then you may like Invincible. It's written by the same guy who writes TWD, and it is fantastic, one of my favorite series to hit the shelves. A great aspect to it is that it's not bogged down by a ton of continuity since it's an independent comic and set in it's own little universe. You can start with Invincible vol. 1: Family Matters.

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@Yai_Inn: I just read the sample on amazon for Saga, and that alone plus it's low price makes it worth a shot already! Thanks for such a quick response.

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Hawkeye by Fraction and Aja. I cannot stress this enough

Thor: God of Thunder


@AllStarSuperman: Wow, thanks!

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Read Injustice: Gods Among Us. It's the best thing that exists right now.

Also, for current titles, Batwoman and Demon Knights.

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@KnightRise: thanks for my recommendations?

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@AllStarSuperman: The art alone for All Star Superman is convincing alone. From what I am reading it seems like a good place to start.

@The_Tree: Honestly this is not the first time someone has mentioned this, and I was initially turned off by the main cover of the compendium. I am going to add this to my list though because it really does seem up my ally.

Seriously thanks for the responses everyone, I appreciate it!

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Valiant has some good ones. X-O Manowar and Bloodshot to name two. I enjoyed the Dark tower comics, starting with The Gunslinger Born, though I'm very biased and know they're not for everyone. As someone else said, Aquaman is exceptional.

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@AllStarSuperman: nah lol the Youtube channel

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@Xanni15: i was gonna try out xomanofwar but I don't like the art enough I think...

@KnightRise: oh yeah it has really got me into GL stuff. There's also some x men and avengers stuff that I have yet to read.

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@SSully: yup the art is great. Its one of my favorite story's hence I have the name. It was a limited maxi series spanning 12 issues.

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I second All-Star Superman. Easily my favorite comic-book of all-time, and the book that changed me from a Superman skeptic to a fan.

I'd also recommend all four volumes of the JLA Deluxe Edition. These four hardcovers collect Morrison's entire run on the JLA (same writer as All-Star Superman), and is arguably the best Justice League run ever. The 90s art takes a while to adjust to, but there are so many awesome and classic stories here. And you don't really need much comic knowledge going in - this is the classic Big Seven League.

If you like Marvel, I recommend The Ultimates Vol. 1 and 2. A big inspiration for the Avengers movie, it's a realistic take on the superhero team and also the best thing to come out of the Ultimate Universe. It's basically a summer blockbuster in comic-book form, and the photorealistic Bryan Hitch art is incredible.