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I want to invest in a really good batman story/series. I've read that both GC and NML are about 4 and 5 trade paperbacks long respectively and both look pretty interesting. What series should I invest in first? Or is there a difference series you recommend?

Just fyi, some batman stuff I already know of and have or purchasing in the next month or two:

  • Batman and Son, Batman The Black Glove, Batman RIP and Final Crisis
  • Long Halloween, Dark Victory and Haunted Knight
  • Broken City and Hush
  • Arkham Asylum
  • The Black Mirror and Earth One
  • Year One and Batman Vampire

Thanks for any recommendations!

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My personal preference is no man's land.

If you want one that isn't either of these then go with "Shadow of the bat".

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My copy of No Mans Land Vol 1 came in the post today, i haven't read it all but it is awesome so far :D Can't compare it with GC as i don't have that tho.

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I like Gotham Central more, but its not really a Batman centric book. Its mostly about Gotham city detectives.

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Gotham Central. It's cheaper and better in terms of writing and art. The only downsides (if you can call them that) are that it's not as long as No Man's Land and doesn't involve Batman besides a few cameos.

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After much deliberation, I decided to buy both Gotham Central and No Man's Land volume ones at the same time and decide which one to pursue first from there. Thanks for the opinions guys!