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So I want to branch out from the big 2 but I don't want to waste time and money going from bad series to bad series. I bought the first issue of Colder but didn't really like where they were going with it and while I see a lot of high ratings for Saga I don't like the idea of thousands of planets and races to have to remember for a political plot.
To give you an idea, my favorite series' recently have been Batman & Robin (or pretty much any Batman), TMNT & Deadpool. I have also been reading the Walking Dead and will continue with that, just want another Indie run.
So please, I'd love some suggestions for what I might enjoy reading.

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Does it have to be a current series? And could you tell what kind of series are you looking for?

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@Billy Batson: I don't mind if it's older, in fact that might be preferable so I could bag a few volumes in one haul. I'm not sure exactly what I'm looking for although I think I'd prefer something dark / gritty over the light and 'fluffy' stuff.
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What's wrong with fluffy? :(

Also, what do you mean by indie? If you consider Walking Dead to be an 'indie' book, I assume that you mean a comic outside of DC/Marvel? Or just comics that are creator-owned or not professionally published?

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Deadworld or Frank by Jim Woodring not too many get to survive because of the Marvel/DC Monopoly/Stranglehold on the Industry. Most Dark Horse/Image/Valiant fare is good also.

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@Veshark: Yeah i just want a break from the well known heroes, thought I'd branch out a bit really. And there's nothing wrong with fluffy, but having just finished Deadpool I thought I'd get a bit more serious lol.
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Haha, all good friend.

Well in that case I would definitely recommend Hellboy by Mike Mignola. It's easily my favorite non-Marvel/DC series, and features the adventures of a demon detective beating up monsters. You can't get more dark and grittier than Hellboy, and it has elements of crime and horror as well. If you've seen the movies, do note that the comics are very different - Hellboy is more of a Clint Eastwood weary world-traveler type character here than the humorous badass of the movies.

And another benefit is that the entire series and all miniseries are collected into easy-to-sort trade paperbacks. So you can just start from Vol. 1 and work your way up. Solid, beautifully simple stories with lots of monster-bashing and Nazis.

Also, gorgeous Gothic art by Mike Mignola:

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@Veshark: I'm looking at Jonny the Homicidal Maniac at the moment, have you read that?
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@Rick_Grayson: Shadowman. That is all I have to say.

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Afraid not, my tastes don't go to that extreme!

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You can check out new Star Wars series. They're pretty good.

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One Piece

The Agency

Hard Boiled


From Hell

Death note


The Thirteenth Floor


M.A.C.H 1

Road to Perdition

Lone Wolf and Cub

Walking Dead


The Crow

American Born Chinese

The Photographer


30 Days of Night

A contract with God

History of Violence


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oh yes Dredd is awesome.

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@Charlie_Jade: Thanks for the many suggestions! I just finished looking through them and I'm particularly interested in The Agency, History of Violence and Fables.
I'll decide which I'm gonna start with next week when i make my regular purchases, thanks again :)