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Which ability is more powerful?

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you have to say who's will and RWing like

Hal Jordan will vs zantanna RW

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I dont know what Absolute Will power is, Imma go with Reality Warping.

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Reality Warping generally, however absolute will can be extremely powerful if you have a GL ring, or when resisting telepathy or other forms of mental control.

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Make Sure It Is a Battle

The battle forum is for actual fights between characters. Things like 'who has the coolest power' or 'who gets the most chicks' ARE NOT BATTLES. Just because you put 'vs' in the title, does not automatically make it battle forum worthy. They should be placed in general discussion or in off-topic (depending on what they're about). As well, fights with characters who are not comic book or manga characters or haven't featured predominantly in comic books or manga (Bruce Lee vs Chuck Norris, Barney Stinson vs Joey Tribbian etc) do not belong in the battle forum, either.

This has been discussed between the battle forum mods a bit. These are guidelines for what does and does not constitute a battle.

  • Who Can Beat _____? - These are not battles and should be placed in that characters forum from this point forward. If they aren't and a mod notices, they'll be moved.
  • Power vs Power - Things like Optic Blast vs Heat Vision are not battles and will be moved to the appropriate forum from now on.
  • Item vs Item - Things like Mjolnir vs Captain America's Shield are not battles and will be moved to the appropriate forum from now on.
  • Can ___ Do ____? - Things like 'Can Wolverine's Claws Cut Cap's Shield' or "Can Superman's Heat Vision Melt Adamantium' are not battles and will be moved to the appropriate forum from now on.



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Reality warping of course

The use of absolute will is very situational and normally a product of insanity

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Reality warping

Literally having absolute will does nothing without a lantern ring and even then the ring can't handle that.

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What are some of the best feats out there showcasing reality warping?

What are some of the best feats of willpower?

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@omnicrono: well reality warping doesn't really have any limits i mean it conquered the multiverses gazillion times. And in the will side we seeing Hal Jordan getting his ass kicked by someone new every other sunday