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The purpose of this thread is not to offer evidence of where DC actually means to depict their various fictional cities as being located, but rather to share where you've come to imagine them being when you yourself read comics, whether rightly or wrongly. For example, while I've come to imagined Metropolis and Gotham as being both located on the East Coast, in Justice League #1 it seems that Batman and Green Lantern fly over a suburb of Detroit when traveling from Gotham to Metropolis. With that in mind, here's where I prefer to imagine such places existing.

  • Gotham, NY - Hudson County, New Jersey
  • Metropolis, NY - An area between Yonkers, south west Conneticut, and north west Long Beach Island
  • Central City, MO - St. Louis
  • Keystone, IL - East St. Louis
  • Coast City, CA - Directly west of Edwards Air Force Base
  • Star City, CA - North of San Francisco, between the ocean and the bay
  • Qurac - Kuwait
  • Kahndaq - Between Iran and Pakistan
  • Markovia - Luxembough
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Gotham - NYC

Metropolis - Chicago

Central City - Kansas City, MO

Keystone - Kansas City, KS

Coast City - Los Angeles

Star City - San Francisco

Gotham will always be NY to me. Chicago as Metropolis will probably seem like an odd choice to most. I know it's suppose to be east coast but Gotham and Metropolis can't both be NYC, Washington doesn't really have the type of skyline that metropolis is depicted as having, and (with all due respect to any Philly residents reading this) Philadelphia will always live in NYC's shadow, I don't see Metropolis having that same problem with Gotham.

Additionally I personally always envisioned Clark growing up and moving to the nearest metropolis to Kansas. Kansas City and St. Louis aren't real metropolis's, so that would be Chicago.

I don't read enough DC to be familiar with the other three locations you listed.