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I was browsing the internets and came across a comedy website, that listed some people with real, super hero like qualities. Well most of them aren't that super hero like, but the first two on this list are actually pretty incredible if true.


What do you all think about this? Do you know any other people who really demonstrate super human abilities and powers?

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The super strong baby already happened before. lol i saw what happened to him when he was older.

The sound thing the kid did was aswome. Just pure win. Especially when he plays ps2 XD love to play him in one of those games.

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i think not

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Yeah i saw that sound kid on discovery channel the other night, it was sweet. kid really is kind of like daredevil, though without the olympic level acrobatics

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wow that's a strong cow.. lol :p

the most impresive is the monk :) i wanna do that :) i have a fever i just vanish it simple xD