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The other night I was watching an old re-run of The Big Bang Theory and it featured D.J. Qualls. For whatever and for whatever reason he made me think how good he would be as Gilligan. Which then got me too thinking about re-casting the whole show. For better or for worse this is what i came up with in about a 10-minute span.


Skipper-----------Tommy Lee Jones or Dan Lauria. I could see both doing it in their own unique way

Thurston---------Robin Williams

Lovey-------------Sally Fields. This was probably my weakest choice but she was as close as I could come

Ginger-----------Christina Hendricks

Proffessor------Jim Caviziel. Probably get some interesting comments on this selection.

Mary Ann-------Katy Perry.

Anyways I found it an interesting diversion. Maybe you will, maybe you won't

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Sorry about that one sentence. Bad bad grammar and sentence structure