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Hello everyone. I am Poseidenj, and a new user at comicvine :) I had been interested in graphic novels before, mainly with the DCAU, but recently (August) I made my first actual comic book purchase, taking advantage of Barnes&Noble's buy two get one free deal. So, I figured, why not? I bought a few more from B&N, but recently made a pretty large purchase from my local used book store during their semi-annual 40% off sale! I wouldn't call myself a collector, I don't care about mint condition/1st prints. I actually like hardcovers much more. I just love the stories, lore, and more often than not, the art :) I've read a fair amount of stuff from my local library, two volumes of Morrison's New X-Men, two volumes of Whedon's Astonishing X-men, lots of Batman,.....etc. So, I'm pretty well caught up on a lot of these. Not all of them, mind you.

My B&N purchases to take advantage of their deal

hardcover volumes

Batman: the Court of Owls

Batman and Robin: Born to Kill

Wonder Woman: Blood

Superman Action Comics: Superman and the Men of Steel

Aquaman: The Trench


Robin: Year One

Swamp Thing: Raise Them Bones

I, Vampire: Tainted Love

Batman: Dark Victory

Batman: Gothic

Batman: Haunted Knight

Justice League Dark: In the Dark

Ordered, but not here, from B&N.

Batman: City of Owls (hardcover), JLA volume 1: New World Order, JLA volume 3: Rock of the Ages (My local library does not have 1 and 3, according to their catalog, so I figured...what the hell).

Hardcover purchased from Amazon

Earth 2 volume 1: The Gathering- I admit, I bought it purely because it was a cheap hardcover. I could always cancel it before it releases.

Batman: Birth of the Demon- This one is here, but I am thinking of returning it, just because I feel silly paying for a comic brand new, without any deal.

hardcovers purchased from my used book store

Death of Captain America: Volume 1

Death of Captain America: Volume 2

Uncanny X-Force: Deathlok Nation

X-Factor: They Keep Killing Madrox

Uncanny X-Men: Rise and Fall of the Shi'ar Empire

Batman and Robin: Batman Reborn, deluxe edition (I've heard Morrison on Batman is god tier, so just had to get this, even though I'm nowhere near that part of Batman chronology. Plus, it was a great deal, I almost thought it was new).

X-Factor: The Many lives of Jamie Madrox

softcovers purchased from used book store

DareDevil: The Man Without Fear

Sin City volume 1-3

100 Bullets volume 1-3

Witchblade volume 1

Batman: The Cult

JLA: World War III

I know I'm missing one....my mom wanted to know what to get me for X-mas, so I just gave her five-six books to put away. One of them escapes me at the moment. Oh well.