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Okay they spent all this time and energy finding the host for the Phoenix, then the whole Phoenix 5 BS but since she was already a host for the Phoenix for years why was any of that necessary. Phoenix obviously finds her worthy and she never had much of a problem with the PF before hand so really, her existence renders the entire crossover pretty well pointless when they had a willing host right there who was also willing to bring back the mutants without a fight.

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As a sworn AvX hater I appreciate this post. While lots of things were wrong with that event, I believe that the ridiculous angle taken on the Phoenix was one of them. Of all the previous PF hosts, how many of them couldn't control it? Marvel just seems to focus on telling stories irrespective of established fact, continuity and common sense.

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Directly from Marvel Editorial:

What? No! Shut up Nerd!

The entire crossover was an attempt to stop the hemorrhaging caused by the New 52.

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Obviously it didn't find her worthy enough or it wouldn't have left her and created Hope.