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Soooo.... It's been a while I've had so many questions about DC characters!

  • What, exactly, is Nekron, in relation to hell/the underworld? Is he basically Satan, or something?
  • Between Hades, Mephistopheles, Trigon, and Nekron... Who is truly the master of Hell? Is Hell different from the realm of the dead, or the underworld?
  • Is Trigon actually a big deal as far as big, bad, extra-dimensional demon-esque beings go? Nekron sounds pretty awesome, and surely Mephisto is more powerful. Where would Etrigan place in comparison to Trigon, them both being demons/devils of great power?
  • The Entity supposedly created all life in the DC Universe... So, does that make it the equivalent of The Presence?
  • Trigon, Nekron, Hades, Mephisto, Spectre, The Entity, Anti-Monitor... They, and others like them, are all supposed to be nearly-omnipotent, so which one is truly top dog, based off of feats and showings alone?
  • Trigon is an extradimensional demon, so how or why was he affected by the formation of the New 52 (based off of issues of the Phantom Stranger, I assume he has changed from his pre-Flashpoint counterpart)? Shouldn't he be immune to such effects, due to the extent of his magical abilities, and his being in a different dimension, separate from Earth? If not, would that then make time travel the most powerful ability ever?
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Comics uses multiple mythologies all mixed up so only god knows the answers to difficult questions.