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I have read the source one of many aspects of Presence but somewhere it is also said Presence is just one of many gods who inherited the large portion of godwave created by the Source so which one is right?

Is the Source which created the DCU or The Word or Presence?

It was revealed during the death of new gods that source never resided in the source wall so why is Source seen differently every time a person enters the source wall?

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This is all due to inconsistent writing... different writers get different ideas for how things should work than others and wind up altering or totally disregarding what's already been established. I'm not sure we have a definitive truth, to be completely honest, especially not now with the New 52 in effect...

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The source tends to remain mysterious in comics similar to the creation of the universe or universes in the Green Lantern mythology. All of these can also be replaced by pseudo science explanations at any time in the future and the mysteries can also be removed if desired and just turn all the gods into aliens. Lucifer has been getting lots of action lately and his arch enemy could also show up one of these days.

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