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I'm reposting this thread after it was deleted last night. If you posted something before, can you please post it again.

If there was only one Earth between Crisis on Infinite Earths and Infinite Crisis, then where did the Pocket Universe come from?

And if there was only one Earth, how could there be numerous crossovers with the Marvel Universe, the Milestone Universe and the WildStorm Universe in the 1990s and early 2000s?

How is Hypertime any different from the supposedly destroyed multiverse? Or are we supposed to forget that Hypertime ever existed?

If there are only 52 Earths in the new DC Multiverse and the previously published Elseworlds are part of that multiverse, then how come there are more than 52 Elseworlds stories? The term Elseworlds implies that they are parallel universes and not imaginary stories.

What exactly is the deal with the WildStorm Universe? First it had crossovers with the DC Universe when no other universes were supposed to exist, then it became Earth-50 of the new multiverse, then Pandora told Flash that DC, WildStorm and Vertigo were originally one world that was split into 3 to weaken it.

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@NetSpiker: All this is more or less what the DC writers have nightmares about before waking up covered in sweat and yelling "REBOOT, NOW!"

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  1. The Pocket Universe was created by the Time Trapper when he took a very, very small fraction of the main Universe. It wasn't really its own reality, since the Trapper was able to manipulate it as he pleased.
  2. Those realities have their own multiverses. All of them exist outside of the DC multiverse.
  3. Hypertime was a poor attempt to bring back the multiverse without really bringing it back. My guess is that it's still around, but nobody cares about it.
  4. Not every Elseworlds has a place in the 52 multiverse. Also, Elseworlds weren't created as parallel earths since they started to come out after COIE.
  5. No idea here. I'm as confused as you are.
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To my recollection, Vertigo and WildStorm have NEVER been in the same universe. WildStorm merged with DC for DCnU. But Vertigo is its own universe with characters that DC can use, but Vertigo chiefs have to ask DC chiefs if they want to use their characters. I believe Martian Manhunter appeared in a Vertigo book.

Vertigo now is a creators own publisher apart from the likes of Hellblazer and a few others apparently.