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I mostly have questions about Injustice Gods Among Us and the possibility of it becoming a series. And what kind of changes would be made once the second one came out. What kind of changes did Marvel vs Capcom go threw as a series?

  1. What kind of roster changes would we see in the 2nd game? Could we see more than 24 next time? (Compared to MvC 1.2.3)
  2. What about DLC that have been bought with the 1st game. Would it be transferred or would you have to buy all the DLC again? (Compared to MvC 1.2.3)

I thought I would have more questions but that's the main 2 questions I care about. I know we won't know for sure until it comes out, but how would it compare to MvC 1.2.3?

I would like to see more levels other than Batman levels, but keep them for the next game.

  • Hall of Doom
  • Flash Museum
  • Kent's Farm
  • Pena Dura

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It's impossible to gauge how a sequel will be when the first game is brand new. Also, it would be a fallacy to compare the progress of MvC and Injustice, because they are made by vastly different publishers with extremely different gameplay.

But, as a general rule of thumb, no, the DLCs will not transfer over.

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