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Ok, I've noticed that there are several members that are answering the question of the day, by commenting on someone else's answer instead of actually answering the question. I'm not sure if its cause they don't know how or if they think they are doing it right, but this is how is done.

In the upper right corner of the Question of the Day there is a green button that says, "Answer Now". Click that button and you will be taken to a new blog page, but when you post it, it will be your answer to the question of the day and not just a comment on someone else's.

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lmfao, so you noticed that too? I never thought that they might be doing it cause they didn't know how to do it properly though

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Well the one that really got me is the one suggesting to go see the Dark Knight if I hadn't seen it on my review of the Dark Knight LMAO

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funny just happend to me