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Having arrived rather late in the world of comics, and in my attempt to read every Punisher ever written, I happened upon the comics where he becomes an angel. Has anyone read them? Does anyone know what was going on at the time to cause such a story arc? I just got them and I am scratching my head in bewilderment.

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@Liz_Lixx: Are you talking about the Marvel Knights Punisher series?

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Can you tell us what volume and issue you're reading?

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@Liz_Lixx said:

in my attempt to read every Punisher ever written,

I would recommend you read Punisher Max by Garth Ennis. The series is amazing. There are 10 trades and 3 one shots.





I could not put down volume 1. If you like volume 1, then pick up volume 4 as well because the two stories are connected. I actually bought the entire series after reading volume 1. I cannot believe this series was cancelled.

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@Liz_Lixx: punisher got killed and was hired by angel to go to earth as their agent to kill demons . it sucked . but the post above me about punisher max is a good read. just stop reading the angel stuff now. its never brought up again and no one liked it lol

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Read Greg Rucka run on the Punisher. The run just ended so it shouldn't be hard to find issues. And the TPB should be coming out pretty soon. Also out right now is Punisher: War Zone also by Rucka it is a 5 part mini series and the next issue to come is 3.

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Do you mean the arc when he had green eyes and guns that he conjured up? I didn't read it, but I was going to avoid Franken-Punisher , but some one insisted I read it, man was it good. So maybe the angel punisher wasn't to shabby in some peoples opinion.

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Wow, this is so fun!! I love talking Punisher, and never get to!! I have read all Ennis Punishers, including Punisher Max. Garth rules, and can do no wrong in my humble opinion. But thanks so much for listing them all! I have four single issues of Punisher as an avenging angel, with glowing red eyes and a glowing red symbol on his forehead. So far I have read the first two. Issue one called The Harvest wasn't nearly as bad as I anticipated, and it was also way more violent than I thought it was going to be. Issue 2 (The Mark of Cain) wasn't as good. But I must complete the arc as I must read everything Punisher!!! I think its hilarious that the story was just ignored completely after this arc was completed!! Ha ha--I wonder who the next writer was after this arc. I wonder if they did this whole avenging angel thing because some other comic was super popular at the time and they wanted to cash in on it, like a horror/supernatural/angels v demons comic. I have two collected issues of Rucka's Punisher but haven't started them yet, so shame on me. I had no idea he did a War Zone miniseries as well--I think I was confused. Is a new miniseries of Punisher coming out in January? I read some Rucka Elektra and was kind of on the fence about it, but am excited to read his Punisher.

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Wow--that looks killer! A younger soldier with a back story similar to Frank's is going to make for an interesting storyline. Plus, Johnny Nightmare is a cool villain name! HA HA!

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Rucka's War Zone is going on now. It's only a 5 issue series. Next month the third issue will be released.

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Finished the 4 issues. Meh. Just researched and they continued the avenging angel storyline by pairing Punisher with Wolverine???!!!! What the WHA???!!!