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Again, a big ups to Mushir for contributing this banner! :D

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We’re joined this week sora_thekey in our fourth episode of Pass The Casual-Talk-and-Forget-That-A-Podcast-Is-Being-Recorded-Because-You’re-Having-Too-Much-Fun-Just-Shootin’-The-Breeze-Whiskey. Eloquently titled “Don’t Go Breaking Fourth Walls.” It’s our follow-up parody hit of another big song. I know. We’re pretty awesome like that. And humble! Anyways...

Special Guest: sora_thekey

Comic Vine and Anime Vice’s own sora_thekey joins us this week to talk about planes, trains, and automobiles! (Okay, so that last part is a lie, but he does join and boy do we talk about everything under the sun.) He was present and representing Comic Vine pretty hard and we talked a wee bit about SDCC and what shenanigans he was up to. We also discuss a lot of the contributions he’s made to the sites he moderates. And Disney. We sure do love Disney.

Featured User: Christina

Slowbird’s selection from the flock (lololol, get it? ‘Cause his name has bird in it! *Cough* Anyways...) This week’s featured user is Christina to most, clouise to others! She’s supplied us with many a chortle during the UK Friendly Screening Room Withdrawal Group and has made our tummies growl with her talk of food during those times. Could be just me who thinks of crepes when I think of Christina, though. She’s done an excellent job at fleshing out the Glee page and by creating many a list. At this point in the year, she’s also seen over 60 films! How would I know this? By checking out all of her different lists! Someone should make a list of her lists so she can list while we list... Or something that can go even deeper. BWAAAAAAA!

Slowbird: She’s a noticeable member of the community who likes movies and television and jokes! What more do you want?

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Welp, that’s it for this week! Be sure to tune in next time! I’ll have gone to GenCon by then and will, quite possibly, be exhausted but blabbing about all the dumb stuff I’ve been up to! And cosplay! Because everybody likes cosplay, amirite? Thanks again for tuning in! I’m going to go to bed now. Yep. Because right now? It’s 7am. That is not okay. D:<

Missed episode 3? Catch it here!

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slakjfsldjk SO EXCITED. Going to listen right now...or after I pass out and sleep xD

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woo! Listening now

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@The Dark Huntress: You know, passing out is pretty wonderful. Falling asleep after posting this was a good idea. I'm so proud of me. :D


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@Sparklykiss: Hey, at least you get to escape parents who don't approve of people who are totally crushworthy that way :P

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@The Dark Huntress said:

@Sparklykiss: Hey, at least you get to escape parents who don't approve of people who are totally crushworthy that way :P

You have a point! One of these days it'll be me laughing at their crushworthy people! (Or not, because my parents are too old to have crushes! :P)

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I didn't have a scanner before but here:

(I promised I'd make it... Didn't I?)