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Tell me what you guys think:

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First of all

R.E.B.E.L.S. Instead of Legion Lost,

this was just a great space opera with excellent characters and villains, its LSH done right and they blew it

One of the funniest and best written titles of DC 2 years ago Instead of that poorly written ableist P.o.S. of Gail's Victimgirl book

I actually like Suicide Squad by Adam Glass, but is not the same

What happen to Powergirl and Huntress is just a crime, what a waste of 2 great characters specially when Powergirl has such a good setting

and finally my favorite comic of 2010

What a way to ruin a book before launching

just put one of the finest superhero books of the last few years and promote an ongoing, that it is absolutely no way a continuation from it and reboot pretty much all the characters on it, JLI just sucked bad. It just made me sad, it was just Batman and the League of B-list characters.

the most disappointing title of DC by far

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superman/batman,Cassie Cain and action comics

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I want Secret Six back. Suicide Squad is lame. Also, I am all for getting a more familiar incarnation of the titans into the new 52.

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Secret Six - Amazing

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The idea of a title that is preN52 stories would be a very cool idea!

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Definitely agree with you about wanting a Red Robin series and a Spoiler series. I also wish they'd bring back Cassandra Cain. She was my favorite Batgirl. They could do a Black Bat and Spoiler series set in Hong Kong where they operate as part of Batman Inc., or something like that. I think that would be awesome...

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Secret Six! Suicide Squad is no replacement.

Teen Titans. This new Tron Titans is no replacement.

Tim Drake needs a solo book again. Robin or Red Robin, or heck, even "Tim Drake: GCPD". The kid carried his own book for 200 issues of solid sales; Batwing is no replacement for that.

Doom Patrol. That last run wasn't Doom Patrol at it's best, but it was still better than Ravagers. Many people chalk it up to the lack of Beast Boy, which was doubly painful because he wasn't appearing in Teen Titans at the time, and the regular Titans line-up changed to follow the Deathstroke team so he was off that book too and just floating in limbo. Especially now that we were given Calder and Beast Boy in Ravagers, a reboot of the Doom Patrol instead of Ravagers would have been a great move on the New52 line-up.