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PC superman surviving big bang...the big bang not expanding Superman power level...


Superman back big bang before,there

he powered through the pressure of it (a strength feat),there gravity pressure almost infinite,superman surviving and through

then,big bang happened

Big Bang is not an explosion, it's an expansion of timespace. Back at the moment of the Big Bang the entire universe was "in the center" of it, because there was no center, it was the entire universe

superman destroy it,then temporal anomaly disappears

but at this moment superman still inside big bang itself

untill superman himself unintentionally trigger a wave of energy.that make him out in the all time,then other superhero follow with him,they are all gone

if you think superman not tanking all of big bang,the wave of energy just out him in the universe,i can tell you,the time is formed by big bang,has a big bang,then has time,

until 10e-43 seconds after the Big Bang,there has "time"The first time is 10e-43 after the big bang,,before no time,we dont know

He destroyed the pyramid, the jungle is disappears this is causal relationship

Superman disappearance was an accident, accidental phenomenon, not because destroying the pyramid,and at least superman tanking full big bang,untill big bang of end,first time was formed by 10e-43 seconds after the Big Bang,he unintentionally trigger a wave of energy that make him and other hero vanish from the universe

when superman destroy the pyramid,time back normal,but the animal man or other being isnt vanish,they are still exist,so if you think when superman destroy the pyramid and disappear in an instant from universe so he not tanking big bang that isnt true

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Yeah, I'm just going to flag this for being a troll thread.

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@limpoyzloan: And another Silver age supergirl once lift our entire universe weight

i'm just think,he think superman not tanking big bang because he think superman tanking big bang before his vanish from universe ,that not really, because time is formed by after of the big bang

though in the scan,we not see superman tanking big bang in his face,but based on the time is formed by after the Big Bang,so superman had to tanking it,untill big bang of end,time is formed,he can trigger a wave of energy to rippled through all the time

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So pre crisis is omnipotent ?