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If u cud have 5 powers one from each f5 chachaters who wud they be any why any 5. Chachaters dosent matter if marvel.or dc or any other comics who wud they be any why

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1. Some Flash speed

2. A little bit of Juggernaut's durability

3. Tony Stark's engineering skills (and yay alcoholism too!)

4. Bronze Tiger's martial arts abilities

5. Martian Manhunter's telepathy

*runner-up: The Saint of Killers's firearms

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  1. Hulk unlimited Strength
  2. Juggernaut Durability
  3. Professor X telepathy
  4. Zoom speed
  5. Flight from any character that fly
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You already have Zooms Speed.

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1. Green Lanterns ring - I would like to be able to use my imagination for overly complicated energy constructs

2. Mystique - Power to transform

3. Captain Yamamoto's Zanpaktou - Flames as hot as the sun, can bring back the dead to haunt my opponents

4 .Majin Buu - Ability to regenerate and turn people to candy :D

5. Flash Speed - who wouldn't want to be that fast lol

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1- wolverines regen

2-prof x telepathy

3- quasars quantam bands

4- dr stranges magic

5- thors strength

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1) Hulks power Set: I like the ability to get stronger if my anger allows it.

2) Red lantern ring: It complements my first power

3) Silver surfer: Power cosmic is awesome and it should allow me to better control power number 2.

4) Gorgon's power/ability set.

5) Zoom speed: Because it awesome.

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i wud have the strenght and heat vision of general zod

magneto magentism.powers and the ablity to.control iron.in.ppls blood

loki magic actually all his powers

juggernaught durability

to be as smart as doctor doom

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Superman, Strenght

Shazam, Lighting

Larfleez, Orange Lantern Ring

Goku, Training/Martial Arts Skill

Bens 10, Clockwork

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1) Thor's strength

2) Superman's durability

3) Quicksilver's speed (I actually wouldn't want to be Flash fast)

4) Martian Manhunter's telepathy

5) Nate Grey's telekinesis

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Flash's speed

Juggernaut's Durability

Thor's Strength

Professor X's telepathy

Molecule man's matter transmution abilities

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Hulks power

Juggernauts durability

Flash's Speed.

Deadpools healing factor

MM's telepathy.