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I'm on a post apocalyptic fiction binge, as of late, (thanks, fallout!) and I was just curious if there are any good comics/graphic novels that deal with a post apocalyptic world. Thanks folks!

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Age of Apocalypse

Days of Future Past

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The Walking Dead

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The Walking Dead.

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other than what already been mentioned, Old Man Logan.

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Fallout, lol didnt read the OP. Did you mean you played the game or the read the books...?

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@AverageKoala: Haha. I've been playing the game and it gave me an addiction to post apocalyptic fiction. :P

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@CoastCityBlues: You and me both. Fallout 3 and New Vegas got me wanting more post apocalypse. My favorite game series. Stephen Kings Dark Tower is always good. I even started reading some Fallout fan fiction online. Old Man Logan is a good post apocalyptic/ super hero tale. Just started reading Y The Last Man, which is good. The Walking Dead is a good zombie post apocalypse comic, for the first 4-5 trades, after awhile I got really bored with it. Good luck with the search.

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To be fair, The Walking Dead or any zombie story is really its own brand of post-apocalyptic. The Last Man isn't so much post-apocalyptic as it is any man's dream. Lol

There needs to be some Fallout merchandise. It's popular, but not on a Halo or Mass Effect level.

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Yeah, I've had to go online to get Fallout merchandise. Never at any stores. New Vegas had a hard cover comic that came out with the Premium package of the pre order for New Vegas. I think it was called All Roads. You could probably get that on Amazon if you don't already have it.

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I've always been wanting to read Walking Dead but I'm gonna finish reading Y: The Last Man. I am also pretty interested in Cross. Looks a bit up my alley. And

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Just A Pilgrim and the early parts of Wasteland are excellent post apocalyptic works. If you are at all interested in manga I would highly suggest Drifting Classroom, it is like a cross between Lord of the Flies and Planet of the Apes without apes, super disturbing but hard to put down.

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If you like Manga you can read

Blame its really gruesome though and dark

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Has anybody read The Massive?

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Savage Dragon: This Savage World