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If you could only bring twelve villains together to conquer the omniverse who would they be?

They can be from DC Marvel Movies Video games Anime

here's my group of villains

Doctor Doom

Kazuya mishima

Lex Luthor






Johan Liebert


Dark Bakura


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Sure they can be from books too.

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Terrax,Mongul,Mongul Jr, Imperiex Prime, Galactus, Trigon, Brainiac, Anti-Moniter, Darkseid, Dr.Doom, and Nitro.

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@BlueLantern1995: Galactus is omnipotent so your team could beat a lot of the other omnipotent guys in fiction.

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Stiltman, Chameleon, Kangaroo man, Condiment king, Iguana, Rubberneck, Boomerang, Scorpio, Paste Pot Pete, Batroc the Leaper, Hell Hound, and Mr. Freeze.

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@nishi99 said:

@BlueLantern1995: Galactus is omnipotent so your team could beat a lot of the other omnipotent guys in fiction.

No he's not.


  1. Galactus
  2. Anti-monitor
  3. Superboy-Prime
  4. Dr Doom
  5. Gaea (Percy Jackson)
  6. Kronos (True Form Percy Jackson)
  7. Emperor Palpatine (w/Death Star)
  8. Dormammu
  9. Thanos (w/IG)
  10. Cytorrak
  11. Surtur
  12. Mephisto
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Lex Luthor,

Akatsuki (excluding Orochimaru) so like 11

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cool thread.

1) Thanos

2) Darkseid

3) Annihilus (w/ cosmic control rod)

4) Loki

5) anti-monitor

6) super-boy prime

7) monarch

8) krona

9) nekron (black lantern capabilities)

10) mad jim jaspers

11) Brother Eye

12) Time Trapper (legion)

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@cosmicallyaware1: Thanks

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1.Dr Doom- (Galactus's Power/Infinity Gauntlet/Ultimate Nullifier/Heart of the Universe) "just for good measure"

2.Galactus- only so he can grant Doom his power and give him the Nullifier.

3.Thanos- so that he can find the infinity gauntlet and heart of the universe for Doom (he's done it before)

4.Phoenix of the White Crown "A.K.A Jean Grey"- as Doom's Adviser (we can sub Dark Phoenix if White Crown isn't a villain)

5. Multiple Man "A.K.A Jamie Madrox"- as Doom's Army (with the power of the Silver Surfer via Dooms cosmic power)

6.The Joker- as Doom's Cort Jester.

7.Denna- as Doom's Jailer (Anti-magic torture expert form the "Sword of Truth Series")

8. Souske Aizen "from Bleach"- as Doom's priest. (so that he can hypnotize the Omniverse into worshiping Doom)

9.Tobi "from Naturo"- as Doom's scout/spy.

10.Tyrant- as Dooms champion.

11.Naruku "from Inuyasha"- as Doom's chief.

12.Poison Ivy- as his gardener.

With an Omnipotent leader (Dr. Doom), an infinite army of silver surfers (Multiple Man), hypnosis that can be neither resisted nor broken "unless your blind" (Aizen), and the phoenix to keep Doom from defeating himself with his own arrogance the way he usually does the onmiverse wouldn't stand a chance. 99% of the omniverse would fall to multiple man with a little help from Tyrant, and the "Gods" would be taken out by the Ultimate Nullifier. Not only can this team conquer the omniverse but it could likely take all the other teams.

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Great Evil Beast

Lucifer Morningstar


Mr. Mxy


COIE Anti-Monitor


Thanos with HOTU

Dr. Doom with prep

Time Trapper

DOV Spectre


Emperor Joker

I'm pretty sure my team wins.

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  1. Thanos
  2. Galactus
  3. Dr. Doom
  4. Brainiac
  5. Superboy Prime
  6. Lex Luthor
  7. Zoom
  8. Dark Phoenix
  9. Lord Voldemort
  10. The Crimson King
  11. Ganondorf

My team would not succeed :D

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All fall prey before the might and fury of Darkseid.

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1. Sailor Chaos

2. Surtur

3. Mephisto

4. Hades (saint seiya)

5. Parallax

6. Black Adam

7. Doctor Doom

8. Zoom

9. Dormammu

10. Kang the Conqueror

11. Loki

12. Owlman

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  1. Dr. Doom (with Beyonder's power)
  2. Loki
  3. Surtur
  4. Mephisto
  5. Darkseid (with Anti-Life Quation)
  6. Thanos (with infinity gauntlet)
  7. Anti-Monitor
  8. Parallax
  9. Galactus (full power)
  10. Dormammu
  11. Kang the Conqueror
  12. Superboy Prime

They get 10 years prep.

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@TheCannon: Now that a hard team to beat.

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@The__One__Above__All said:

@TheCannon: Now that a hard team to beat.


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Doctor Doom




Kang the Conqueror






Mumm-ra the Ever Living


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it worked in revelations. It'll work now.
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I donno if Giratina counts as villain but if it does then my list would be close to the OP's but switching the G with Orochimaru and Liebert with Sauron

and maybe take out Sephiroth as well, but only if I get a good replacement

but with Giratina there alone, if counts as a villain, the Omniverse will have some issues

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Jim Shooter, Jim Starlin, Joe Quesada, Axel Alonso, Stan Lee, the CEO of Disney, Disney's shareholders, and randomly Steve Jobs (not villains, there just powerful people).

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  1. Doom
  2. Thanos
  3. Loki
  4. Dark Phoenix
  5. Darkseid
  6. Brainiac
  7. Lex Luthor
  8. The Joker
  9. Magneto
  10. Galactus

All at their best, and working together with prep.